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Simple Child to Parent Communication in React


Last Updated on Saturday, September 12, 2020.

In React, passing data from a parent to its child is pretty simple, it can easily trickle down through props. But what about the other way around... without using Flux or PubSub?

Well, sending data from a child to its parent is simple too. You can actually bubble up your function through props. It just requires a little bit of work to get started.

Try it out!
Parent Component

Value: Default parent state value

Child Component
Update Parent Value from Default parent state value
// Our Parent Class
class Parent extends React.Component {
    constructor(props) {
        this.state = {
            data: "Default parent state"
         Bind our childHandler function to this context
         that will get called from our Child component
        this.childHandler = this.childHandler.bind(this)

     Function that gets called when
     we bubble up our `return` from Child 
    childHandler(dataFromChild) {
        // log our state before and after we updated it
        console.log('%cPrevious Parent State: ' + JSON.stringify(this.state), "color:orange");
            data: dataFromChild
        },() => console.log('Updated Parent State:', this.state));

    render() {
         Set our childHandler function as a value to a prop that
         gets passed down to our Child component
        return <Child action={this.childHandler} />

// Child Class
class Child extends React.Component {
      Our onClick event will return the function that gets set to our action prop
      that then gets passed into the Parent's childHandler function.
    render() {
        return <a onClick={() => this.props.action('Set Parent state set from child: ' + Math.floor(Math.random() * 999))}>Update Parent</a>;

// Render
    <Parent />,

Hope this helps! Hit me up on Twitter: @Mineo27 if you have any issues/questions.

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