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Communication Between Independent Components in React using PubSubJS


During my adventures in learning React, I came across a particular roadblock with independent component communication. I understand how parent-child components talk. The React doc's explain that pretty well. However, a place that could use an improvement is explaining (with examples) on how to make independent components communicate.

As React's official documentation specifies:

For communication between two components that don't have a parent-child relationship, you can set up your own global event system. Subscribe to events in componentDidMount(), unsubscribe in componentWillUnmount(), and call setState() when you receive an event. Flux pattern is one of the possible ways to arrange this.

Basically this just says... You need to use an event system and they recommend the Flux Pattern.

Flux is intriguing and definitely worth looking into, but I also felt it might of been a little overkill for what I was trying to accomplish. So instead, I opted to use the PubSubJS library and it was magic. PubSubJS is a very handy topic-based publish/subscribe system that could be integrated into your application without too much work.

Example Scenario

The hypothetical File Manager UI with 2 separate components

Component A will be the file-upload component and Component B is the available files in our file manager component that will be rendered from an AJAX request.

Our goal is for the file-upload component (the publisher) to trigger an event after the upload has completed successfully and in-turn letting the file-list component (the subscriber) know it should fire a request to get the updated list of files.

Example Code


  • Install PubSubJS (by Morgan Roderick)
    $ npm install pubsub-js --save-dev

  • Install React-Dropzone-Component (by Felix Rieseberg)
    $ npm install react-dropzone-component --save-dev
    This component is a wrapper for the Dropzone.js library.

  • Install then-request (by Forbes Lindesay & Nathan Zadoks) a nice and simple library for making requests with promises.
    $ npm install then-request --save-dev

Note: You do not have to use then-request for AJAX calls. I chose it for this example because it's lightweight and the syntax is very clean.

View Gist on GitHub

 * PubSubReactExample.jsx
 * Anthony Mineo (@Mineo27)
 * Disclaimer: The goal was to make this example easy to follow.
 * Obviously, there are a number of optimizations that can be done to the code below.

// Imports / Requires 
import React from 'react';
import PubSub from 'pubsub-js';
import request from 'then-request';
import DropzoneComponent from 'react-dropzone-component';
// Use your preferred method for loading a component's CSS

 * Component that makes a request for the list of files
 * @class FileList
export class FileList extends React.Component{
    this.state = {
      fileCollection: [],
      endpoint: ''

    // This is where we subscribe this class to the 'GET FILES' subscription.
    // once a publish event for 'GET FILES' has been fired, FileList.subscriber() will be triggered.
    this.token = PubSub.subscribe('GET FILES', this.subscriber.bind(this));
    PubSub.publish('GET FILES', this.token);

  // The function that is subscribed to the publisher
  subscriber(msg, data){
    var self = this;
    request('GET', '').done(function(result){
        fileCollection: result

  // return our files in an list
      return <li key={}>
                <a href={file.url}>

    return  <ul>{this.returnFileInfo()}</ul>;

 * Dropzone File Uploader Component
 * @class FileUploader
export class FileUploader extends React.Component {
    // Our DropzoneComponent config
    this.state = {
      componentConfig : {
        postUrl: 'endpoint.cfm?action=uploadFile'
        success: this.updateFileList.bind(this)

    // Example response object from our server could be 
            name:'Making beer'
    // You can also publish strings if you like

    // The magic publish event
    // This lets the subscribers know that they need to do their job
    // and trigger any events that need to take place
    PubSub.publish('GET FILES', response);
    PubSub.publish('GET FILES', 'EAT PIE');

    return <DropzoneComponent 
            djsConfig={this.state.djsConfig} />;

Hope this helps! Hit me up on Twitter: @Mineo27 if you have any issues/questions.

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