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Solving A CORS Issue In Chrome When Serving From Browser Cache


CORS issues are always a treat! Especially when the issue appeared to be random and only affects Chromium-based browsers.

The Setup

I wrote a static script file hosted in an S3 bucket and then served via CloudFront on a different subdomain. That script also dynamically loaded another script.

So the call stack looked something like this:


The S3 Bucket permissions had CORS configured like this:

    "AllowedHeaders": [
    "AllowedMethods": [
    "AllowedOrigins": [
    "ExposeHeaders": [],
    "MaxAgeSeconds": 3600

Nothing crazy. We're just allowing the GET and HEAD methods, letting any origin access it, and setting a max-age.

The CloudFront distribution also had the correct headers whitelisted:

  • Access-Control-Request-Headers
  • Access-Control-Request-Method
  • Origin

The Problem

It appeared that everything was working fine in FireFox, Safari, and Chrome. However, in Chrome, when the browser served the script file from its cache, I was getting the classic CORS error:

"No `access-control-allow-origin` header is present on the  requested resource."

As it turns out, the cached version does not contain the CORS headers in Chrome. It drops the request as Access-Control-Allow-Origin violation since the location is from the (disk cache) instead of

The Solution

There are few ways to solve this.

By far, the quickest way is adding the attribute crossorigin="anonymous" to the script tag—the crossorigin attribute, among other things, hints to the browser that it shouldn't cache the CORS headers.

A possibly more involved approach, depending on your setup, is to have the server respond with a Vary: Origin header. If you're using something like Nginx, this is pretty simple as you can add a response header. Adding a response header to CloudFront is a bit tedious as you need to use Lambda@Edge, which to me felt like overkill.

In the end, I formatted my script tag like <script src="" crossorigin="anonymous"> and Chrome's CORS issue when serving from cache went away.

Hope this helps! Hit me up on Twitter: @Mineo27 if you have any issues/questions.

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